Gold Price: $1,985.47 News: Gold on course to retest its $2,070/2075 record highs, how central banks have used gold in the last 30 years
Gold Price: $1,931.63 News: Gold prices jump above $1900 as SVB bail-out fails to stem banking panic, China continues to accumulate gold.
Gold Price: $1,832.75 News: Singapore’s central bank boosted gold reserves 30% in January, Hanoi gold-plated hotel put up for sale
Gold Price: $1,838.07 News: Gold to break $2,000 and never look back, China’s gold reserves may be double what official reports suggest
Gold Price: $1,823.86 News: Gold at Its most oversold level since October, 340 tonnes of gold smuggled into India every year
Gold Price: $1,826.87 News: 2023 is already showing us why gold will reign, Kazakhstan central bank buys 3.9 tonnes of gold in January.
Gold Price: $1,855.43 News: Central bank buying may have boosted gold prices in January, gold price is going to $2,200 as central banks break the global…
Gold Price: $1,915.56 News: Gold in 2022 saw its strongest annual demand in more than a decade, and why is central bank gold buying at 55-year highs?
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